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IRM Family Support


The IRM Family Support Ministry is a Mechanism designed to SERVE, Support, Educate and Empower Families, Individuals, youth and children through multi-level services, resources and ministries. 


Undergirded by the Word of God and God centered, it is to build and

strengthen families, individuals, youth and children thereby, with an

expected outcome of productive people, in the Household of Faith, and

the Community, ultimately for Christ! 



This will all assist in stabilizing neighborhoods and an increase in the

body of Christ! 

Life Touching Life With Eternity in Mind©

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Services Provided:

  1. Financial Awareness Seminars:

    • Conduct educational seminars on financial awareness to empower families with the knowledge and tools needed for sound financial management and planning.

  2. Home Buying Workshops:

    • Facilitate workshops on home buying to guide families through the intricacies of the real estate process, ensuring informed and confident decisions for their housing needs.

  3. Counseling Services:

    • Provide counseling services, including pre-marital counseling and individual counseling, to support families in navigating the challenges of life, relationships, and personal growth.

  4. Stronghold Meetings (Wednesday Gatherings):

    • Host Stronghold Meetings every Wednesday, a central component falling under the Family Support Ministry, where families come together for fellowship, support, and spiritual enrichment.

  5. Community Outreach:

    • Extend the reach of the ministry's support services to the broader community, ensuring that families outside our immediate congregation can also benefit from the resources and guidance offered.

  6. Resource Hub:

    • We have developed a resource hub that includes educational materials, guides, and tools to address various family-related needs, fostering a self-sustaining and empowered community.

  7. Networking and Support Groups:

    • Facilitate networking opportunities and support groups within the ministry, creating a sense of community and shared experiences among families.

  8. Continued Education Opportunities:

    • Offer continued education opportunities, including workshops and seminars, to equip families with the skills and knowledge necessary for personal and relational growth.

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