We Are

Invisible Reality Ministries is orchestrated around four integral experiences, also known as ministry areas, in an effort to make the Word of God real in the sphere of our experiences. This biblical method of administration allows every facet of our church to function in the presence of God; under the sovereignty of God; to the glory of God.


Worship– An ecclesial community that brings God, to the house of God.  This provides an experience with the Person of God “the breaking of bread and prayer.” (Acts 2:42a)


Fellowship – An ecclesial community where no one is cast aside. This provides an experience with God’s people – “continually devoting themselves to fellowship.” (Acts 2:42b)


Education through Bibliocentric Methods– An ecclesial community that teaches the knowledge and application of God’s Word. This gives us an experience with God’s point of view – “ continually devoting themselves to the apostles teaching.” (Acts 2:42c)


Outreach– An ecclesial community that disseminates the Gospel in word and deed.

This offers an experience with Gods’ purpose – “Praise God…the Lord added to their number.” (Acts 2:47)


Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, 


is to:

  • Further the Kingdom of God by proclaiming His Word and bringing souls to Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit. 


is to:

Foster community engagement by focusing on its assets

  • Form and develop faith community partnerships

  • Develop innovating programs for building and training  volunteers, families, potential leaders and youth to initiate, facilitate and sustain faith based programming. 

  • Assist local, national and international faith community leaders to better maximize their growth potential.

  • Generate quantitative and qualitative change in communities.

  • Empower and stimulate new value systems among youth and families across all ethnic groups. 

Life Touching Life With Eternity In Mind